The library telescope is a great tool for teachers to engage students.  The Orion Star-Blast 4.5 Reflector is powerful and easy-to-use.   Teachers can check out the telescope from their participating local library, just like a book.  

In 2017, the St. Louis Library Telescope Program set aside telescopes for exclusive use by K-12 educators.  In this new program feature, educators can reserve a telescope for a specific 7-day checkout period allowing them to better plan their class curriculum. 

The St. Louis "Educator" Library Telescope Program included two types of telescopes:

  1. Orion Star Blast 4.5" Reflector - Designed for viewing of the night sky, this is the same telescope available for public checkout except that the collimation adjustments are left in place so that students can learn how to collimate the mirror.  The public version of this telescope do not allow library patrons to adjust collimation.
  2. Sunspotter Solar Telescope - “Sunspotter” telescopes are instruments used exclusively for viewing the Sun. They employ a small refracting telescope and a set of mirrors to project an image of the Sun safely, onto a white screen within the telescope. Several persons can view the image at a time. The telescopes display solar surface features such as sunspots on any clear day. They will also show the progress of the Moon’s shadow on the Sun during partial phase of a solar eclipse. 

 Instructional materials for both types of telescopes are being developed for use by educator.


  Sunspotter Telescope
Orion StarBlast 4.5" Reflector
for viewing of the night sky
Sunspotter Solar Telescope for
safe viewing of the Sun.


 Are you an educator getting started with the SunSpotter Solar Telescope?  Here is a video to help to get you started...