In 2017, the St. Louis Library Telescope Program added thirteen Sunspotter Solar Telescopes to St. Louis areas libraries for checkout just like a book by K-12 educators.  The addition of a solar telescope was completed in part to advantage of the historic August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse, but also in recognition the K-12 classes are held during the day which is a perfect opportunity for safe solar viewing of the Sun.“ Sunspotter” telescopes are instruments used exclusively for viewing the Sun. They employ a small refracting telescope and a set of mirrors to project an image of the Sun safely, onto a white screen within the telescope. Several persons can view the image at a time. The telescopes display solar surface features such as sunspots on any clear day. They will also show the progress of the Moon’s shadow on the Sun during partial phase of a solar eclipse.

Below is a video created by the St. Louis Astronomical Society that provides an overview on how to operate the Sunspotter Solar Telescope.  Instructional materials for teachers are included with each telescope.Sunspotter Telescope 




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