Help us spread the word about the resources available on our national library telescope program site.  

 1) Register your program

If you are currently operating a library telescope program and your program information is not showing on this site, please Register Your Program with us.

 2) Apply a business card "Get Started" decal to your library telescope:

If you are a program manager or library with a library telescope, we encourage you to apply a business card sized decal to your telescope.  The decal will direct your library patrons to online videos and other resources to help them quickly get started using and enjoying the library telescope.  You can download a PDF of the decals with instruction at the link:

 Apply a

3) Spread the word to your library patrons, friends and colleagues about the national resource center:

Tell your friends about our FREE national website that is loaded with resources and videos to get started using the library telescope.   

4) Volunteer to help us develop our national program:

We are looking for volunteers to help us with our national program.  Much of the work can be done on your own schedule and we will be mindful of asking too much. If you would like to learn more, please Contact us.

Our Goal

To foster scientific literacy, stimulate an interest in astronomy, and provide people who have never looked through a telescope the chance to experience the excitement that comes from discovery